Just before going on a Trip.

I am travelling tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it.Anyone would be excited and I am more excited as I would be holidaying with my family without any other person with me.I mean to say that at times I have to travel for holidays along with some relations, and to be frank I don’t enjoy them at all as I am not able to be free and comfortable in their presence.All those of you who are surrounded with family when they holiday, can very well understand what I am trying to say and because I will holiday alone I am really happy.

   I was earlier a little worried due to a health problem but even that is solved and now I am really relieved that I will be able to enjoy a lot over there.I am going to a hill station and there it will be cooler than here, so I am carrying woollens, now you will say that isn’t that obvious, but I don’t know why but I am feeling like sharing everything over here.

  Actually from the time I have started blogging I feel the strong need to share my little joys and worries over here.It is fun.I feel that I am talking to a large audience and when they read my stuff, I feel overjoyed and blessed that all of you people are reading about my little joys and worries.Till yesterday I was worried, but now I am relaxed and I know I will have a fun time.

  Just before going for a trip there is a throbbing excitement, as to what will happen and what all will we do over there and if we have kids it is more exciting as they keeping barging into the house and say happily that, “Mamma, why don’t we carry this and why don’t we take that to the trip?”This entire palpitation in the air makes the whole environment of the house very exhilarating and full of joy.

  In my home I am the more organised and planned one who does things more systematically and so I prepare for the trip in a better way than my family.Naturally I have to pack for the three of us, me and my two kids, so I have to plan properly.I have to take care of the clothes, medicines snacks and other stuff and when I am done I still feel that there is more to be done.A road trip require more preparation, so I have to plan more.

  Anyways now that I have packed everything I am looking forward to waking up early and then getting ready and speeding off, out of town and having all the fun I want to.I am feeling happy at the same time a little worried as to whether everything will be fine at the trip.You really don’t know at times you can face sickness of a child or any injury and that spoils the mood of the holiday.

  I remember once when we had gone for a trip we had the scare of our lives when the bathroom glass sliding crashed just near my kids, when they were in the bathroom.It was scary, but my daughter was saved with  just a few cuts on her hands.Another time I banged my foot against a hidden root under the sand on a beachside and the cut was quite deep and there were still a few days of our holiday. You won’t believe it that I continued with the trip by just bandaging my cut with band-aid!

  Accidents like these happen but the positive part of a holiday is that besides all the odds we all have fun and enjoy holidays.So, all of those among you who might be going out for holidays this coming week just enjoy and have fun as I will and everything will be fine.It is the spirit with which you go on a trip that matters,rest everything will be fine.


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