Mind versus Heart(in Relationships)

 When I say mind versus heart then I am really talking of the conflict between these two ruling factors in our lives.Our mind controls out thoughts and speech and we use our mind for various tasks in our day to day lives.Whereas the heart plays a crucial role in deciding who we like and who we don’t.In a larger sense our heart controls our emotions and how we feel towards any situation.When we have to decide as to who we should follow more in our lives, our minds or our hearts, then it becomes very difficult as we are confused in many situations as to who is right.

  Our minds are extraordinary and are capable of doing amazing tasks in many situations.Scientifically our minds have such power that there is no equivalent in this universe, but when it comes to taking decisions in our day to day life, our minds take decisions in a very categorical manner, they don’t analyse the pros and cons of any situation and the repercussions of a decision.If there is situation where a particular decision has to be taken in an instant, it takes the decision and little does it know what would happen next.

  I am talking of those decisions which are taken by our minds and not our hearts in which relations break and the persons involved in these relations are badly affected but, because the decision is more mental rather than emotional, so the person himself does not know about it. I know it is difficult for you understand what I am trying to say as it is confusing.

    I remember when the man in a relationship repeatedly shuns his wife and ill-treats her, not because he hates her, but because his mind felt that he should rule her in every sense. He was a very egoistic man and he always thought that if demeaned her and controlled her mind he would be able to control his relationship with her, but how wrong the husband was, little did he know that the heart rules in this kind of relationship and no matter what, if he showed some love towards her, she would not need to be controlled.This is what I want to say, the mind is the ruler in those people’s lives, who consider their emotions to be something which weakens them, whereas actually this is not so.

   Men are more of the mental beings as compared to women, for whom their emotions carry immense importance.A woman’s heart can be won by soft words and whispering little nothings in her ear which make her feel special.I know this sounds unreal in these times but ask those women whose men are romantic,  ask them how they feel when their husbands surprise them and love them unconditionally, they will tell you how it feels.

  These women are on cloud nine when they are with their husbands and they feel so secure and loved because of their husbands as they feel it, they feel their love at all times. It is this feeling in the heart that I am talking about.This rules a relationship based on love.The heart rules the mind in this kind of relationship and they forgive and forget mistakes very soon as they love each other dearly.

   Now you will ask me that this is the situation in a man and woman relationship where, earlier the mind ruled the heart where the man shunned his wife, as he wanted to control her mentally and in the other situation the man and woman loved each other dearly, so the heart ruled the mind, but what about other situations.Well I am coming there.

   See there are various situations where maybe you are arguing with a friend or a parent and you really don’t know where this argument will take you so, just for peace’s sake you call it quits and forget and forgive, so that is situation where the mind has ruled the heart.

  In yet another situation where again there is a show off between a mother and a daughter and after a long argument the mother finally keeps quiet and hugs her daughter.In this situation you can say that the heart ruled the mind as the mother did not want to further upset her daughter.

  When we try to analyse the tussle between the mind and the heart we are at a loss as to who is right and who is wrong as at times the mind is right and at other times the heart is right.Henceforth the argument rests and we can safely say that both are equally important in relationships and one should maintain a good balance between the two in order to have a good life.

  If a man is both mentally and emotionally strong, then he can  face the tests and vagaries of this world in a way, such that he will not have to look at any other person for support.He will be able to weigh he pros and cons of every situation and take decisions accordingly.He will thus be an asset for all those around him and he will be valued and respected by one and all.

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