God.When I think of him I get a very spiritual feeling, I feel one with him and I feel so close to him that at times when I am troubled or disturbed, I feel that I should be with him rather than live in this world which is riddled with problems. Every person is caught up in his own web of complications and troubles.For each of them God has different meaning but, for me he is a friend, mentor, guide and companion.He has always helped me in difficult situations and I have always been blessed with his love as I know that he will be by my side even if the whole world leaves me to be alone.

    In this world when the people came into this world and from the time when feelings and thoughts towards God have been recorded, each person has experienced a different feeling towards God.For some he is the almighty and they fear him and for others he is symbol of religion, while for others he carries a meaning which only they can understand as they treat God as a tool to rule the world(for example the terrorist wings).

  God in various sects is feared and in many areas of the world such as China and India, God is prayed to in a way such that they know that he will be their guide and helper in every situation.For them God means religion especially in India. In India the belief in God comes with  a lot of strappings, like the performing of various customs and rituals on various festivals.

   God has a majestic presence in all these believer’s hearts and they glorify him every moment of their lives.Every custom and every ritual they perform in the name of God is so holy and spiritual that they feel blessed and redeemed by his presence at each moment of their existence.Those people who are spiritually inclined will understand what I mean when I say that they feel God’s presence in their lives for every moment and they can also experience the miracles of God on many occasions of their lives.

  When I talk of miracles I mean real miracles which happen in our day to day lives.I am a strong believer in God, as you might have guessed by now and I have definitely experienced God’s miracles in  a way in which none of you cannot even imagine!God has played an important role in my life and my relation with him started at a very  young age, when was just nine years of age.A teacher of mine actually performed a miracle with the help of her prayers and left me spell bound when I experienced the presence of God for the first time.

  It was a normal day at school and I had been in school for about one or two hours, when I suddenly experienced a severe pain in my stomach.I was in tears and I was lying down on my school bench in my class and crying, then my teacher noticed me weeping and came near me and asked me what was wrong,when I told her that my stomach was paining, she calmly sat down next to me and held my hand and prayed, after a few moments the pain just vanished and never came back.I was so surprised and astonished that I did not know what to say, but that was the start of my belief in God.

  I started praying in the church everyday and I used to offer a flower each day and I can’t explain how peaceful I felt when I was in the church, i felt like as though he was communicating with me and quietly whispering in my ear some things which otherwise I was not able to understand,  but the very feeling that he was around me gave a lot of peace and tranquility.

  That is the magnificence of God, no person can actually say what or who God is, but we can all feel his presence in our lives this way or that way.Some say that God is a supernatural power while for others he is a deterrent from any evil deed as they fear him,whoever he is, his presence is there in one and all and he is the binding force of humanity.

  There are basically four main beliefs that people have in this world, some say that he present in form of Allah and they don’t have a distinct appearance of him, while for others he is Jesus Christ, who has come to relieve them from all their troubles and yet for others he has thousands of physical shapes such as in India.Here you will see a different kind of God in each state, each God looks entirely different and they are prayed to, in different ways.Then there is Jainism and Buddhism, who again believe that God does not have an appearance.

   In recent times God and for that matter even from quite a long time, God has different meaning especially for the Muslim religion.I am referring to those muslim fanatics who misuse religion for their own evil means and perform terrorist activities in the name of religion.They feel that it is their prime duty to enhance their religion and promote it even if it harms the sentiments of other religions.Many terrorist outfits brain-wash youngsters to do harmful deeds in the name of religion and this kind of development is really harmful for humanity, but sadly no one can do anything about it.

   No matter how you pray to God and no matter in which form you believe that he is, he is there and existing and it is surprising that for every religion God means the same thing, that is that is that he is the almighty who has created us and it s our belief in him that sustains us and gives us the strength to bear up with difficulties and problems with a smiling face, as we know that  he will help us out no matter what.The divinity of God is unquestionable and no one can clearly pin-point that this is God, but he is there and will always be there for us forever.

  For me God has always been a friend and mentor who has helped me in my difficult times and not only in difficult times he has been by my side when I have been very happy too and I have always thanked him for everything I have got in my life.He has given me everything and I know he will always help me whenever I need him.


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