Husbands are a joy to be with.

They can give you all the joy that they have given birth,

They are the apples of the eyes of their wives,

As those wives cannot survive without them in their lives,

They are are the cutest friend for any woman,

They can  also be a woman’s worst demon,

If he does not love her ever,

And troubles her and creates problems for her forever,

A husband is a joy to be with,

If he provides his wife with all the joy and mirth,

What should a wife do if he turns out to be a demon,

Then she should not put up with the hell because of this demon,

And bravely walk out of the marriage,

Without a second thought about her marriage,

A husband is a companion,friend and partner,

Who loves his wife completely as he is her pair,

But, if he does not love her and ill-treats her often,

Then, he does not deserve her company and her love as he can sometimes be the cause of her to be in her coffin,

A husband gives joy only until he loves his wife,

But he is like a stuck bone when in the marriage there is strife,

He loves is kids and makes his family,

His wife he and his kids together make the family lovely,

Why are husbands a constant source of irritation for wives,

Well, they try to impose themselves on their wives,

This irritation can be removed if they talk out their problems,

 Then  there can be amicable solution to all this humdrum,

A husband is a joy to be with,

If he is a friend to the core and is always forthwith,

The success of any marriage depends not only on the husband,

But it also depends on the wife of the husband,

If she is tolerant in the relationship,

Then there will always be a lot of friendship,

So,if you are having a good husband consider yourself lucky,

As there are many woman struggling with husband who yucky!

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