Today I am feeling very lazy and drowsy.I am feeling like this since morning.This is a very sweet yet irritating feeling and the way that I am feeling, is pulling me down and I feel so lazy, that I don’t even feel like getting up and drinking a glass of water.I am kind of enjoying this feeling and I know when I will get a chance I will fall asleep in no time.

   Drowsiness can be caused due to various reasons and I think the present state in which I am is due to the fact that maybe I might not have slept well.This feeling leaves me feeling like a zombie wherein I am not awake and not asleep.It makes me very dull and forlorn.It also generates a strong feeling of depression as well. I feel useless and unwanted but, I know that it is temporary and will go in a day or two.But,till it lasts it engulfs my senses in a strange way.

  I have met many people who have felt drowsy like this on numerous occasions and they have also felt like this due to many reasons, maybe they had worked too hard the previous day or they might not have got the required rest that they wanted.I have had this feeling not very often but I feel that this feeling can be shrugged off when you have a hot steaming cup of tea or coffee or you go for a  stroll.Both these remedies refresh you and invigorate you.

  In a way I love this feeling as I tend to enjoy it when I feel that I need rest, but if I have to do an important job, then this feeling is a stumbling block and it hinders my path.One should be alert and smart when he is doing his daily tasks, such as working in the office or doing any other job, henceforth it is necessary that if he is feeling drowsy he should try and overcome it and then leave for work.

  Drowsiness can be overcome in many ways as I have mentioned above but, I feel that this is the way our body refers to the fact that it has not got enough rest so, it needs to be refreshed and rejuvenated.Once the body gets its rejuvenation, it bounces back out of drowsiness and is alert once again.So,enjoy your drowsiness if you can and come put of it if you have to.

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