How I feel Today

I feel very happy and content with my life.The present state of my mind that I am in, is due to the fact that I was constantly looking for an outlet to express my feelings in some way or the other through writing, but I could not do so no matter how much I tried.After a lot of struggling and meeting up people I finally came to know about blogging and after I started blogging I understood what it meant to me.

  How I feel today,the contentment,immense satisfaction and joy is due to the fact that I have found an outlet to express my thoughts in a meaningful manner and the best part is that when people read my blogs and respond to them in a positive manner,then I feel extremely happy.

   I was looking for this source of expressing my thoughts from a very long time and now when I have found this outlet,I am able to express my thoughts freely and that is the reason why I am feeling so happy and content at this moment.

   I am very independent and expressive in my views when it comes to expressing myself in words.I don’t like to be tied down in rules and regulations and blogs give me all the freedom to express myself freely without any restrictions.When I blog I express all my deep thoughts and views related to various topics such as Love,Happiness,Marriage,Motherhood and various other topics and when I do so I feel that I have released a certain portion of me to the world.

  If my blogs make a difference in anyone’s life and people are affected in any teeny-weeny way,then I will feel obliged that my writings have affected someone.

Writings have a very strong effect on people and if anyone agrees to accept what you feel, then it becomes easier to communicate your thoughts.People like simple and forthright writings and if they dont have to wrack their brains about what is written and they grasp the essence of the blog very easily then that blog is a hit with the people and for the person who is writing for them.

  From the time I have started writing I have this strong feeling that I am liked and appreciated by my audience and those who read my blogs understand what I am trying to tell them.This is the reason why I am so content and happy with myself today and the feeling of happiness engulfs all my moods.My general well being,my surroundings and my close ones, all are affected by my present state of being content.

   Every person should strive to do that what he or she likes to do and if they are lucky enough to be able to do what they like, then life becomes worth living.I am sure all those people who do what they like will agree with me as only they will know how I feel today.

  Henceforth a person should strive and try to achieve what he likes rather than do that what other people like,especially when it comes to a person’s profession.I know most of the time it is difficult to adopt a profession by choice, but if a person is determined he can do anything and achieve success in it.So,go for your dreams and try to achieve them no matter how difficult they are to achieve.   

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