My Wish

 As any normal person even I have wishes,but when I think of one wish which is very prominent then that is the desire to look slim trim and smart.Lately I have put on a lot of weight and due to this reason I have this deep desire to lose all that flab and become slim and trim.I know losing weight is very difficult as I have to be fully determined and I have to put in a lot of hard work into it, as it requires a lot of exercising and strict control on my urge to eat.If I am determined it won’t be difficult for me but I don’t know why but I am not able to muster all that will power and make up my mind to actually get started.
   As I have this wish many people have wishes such as they might have the wish to become more beautiful by taking utmost care of themselves and their skin and their bodies.Or men can have this wish to become more muscular and have fabulous physiques.Wishes always motivate people to achieve goals and once any of their wishes are fulfilled they feel extremely happy and glad.
   Wishes can also be fulfilled by others for you.Like if a daughter wishes to have an expensive laptop, she can be made happy when her father fulfils her wish of owning the laptop by buying her one on her birthday or as a reward for performing well in her exams.At other times a friend can do something sweet for his friend by telling something cute to him or her and in this way he fulfils his or her wish to feel or look good.
  Wishes are like petals they have a very gentle yet lasting effect on any person and just like desires, wishes can be fulfilled in a short duration of time or long duration of time.Like for example if a person wants to reduce weight he can do so within months,but if a person has a wish of building a lovely house for himself he can fulfil it ,in maybe about a few years or maybe he has to save for a lifetime before he actually builds a house for himself.
  Wishes can be unrealistic too.People can have wishes which are impossible to achieve but still no one can stop a person from wishing.Like for example a woman can have this desire of having lots of money to do shopping, though she very well knows that due to her limited means,this wish of hers cannot be fulfilled,but still she dreams and wishes to lay her hands on lots of money and spend to her heart’s content.
   Some men or even women wish to become very powerful politically or personally.Politically means they wish to acquire such a position in society wherein people look up to them and they are able to command people according to their wishes.Personally means that they are powerful in their families and everyone in the family respects them and takes their approval on every decision which has to be taken in the family.

  I have seen many people striving hard to get power in their hands, but again there is a flip side to this desire as, when a person becomes powerful then the adage becomes very apt for them,as they say.”Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely”Henceforth when a person wishes to be powerful he or she should be logical and reasonable when he actually acquires power and he should be grounded and humble at all times.
   Wishes are the life giving force for humanity and they push a person to test themselves and perform acts which they at times feel are impossible.Henceforth a person should have wishes but he should be sure that they are worth fulfilling and when they are illogical then he should not aspire to fulfil them as they could harm himself and his family in a very bad way. 



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