Every person has  desires and those desires can be logical or illogical.By logical I mean that these are those desires which are reasonable and we can achieve and fulfil those desires by our efforts.These desires can be the ones where maybe we want achieve a promotion at our work place or reduce our weight.The illogical desires are those desires which are by every angle illogical and unreal.Like for example the desire to fly or the desire to disappear!
  As a normal person even I have desires and one of them is the deep desire to lose weight with the least effort required and really quickly.I know many among you have this desire especially those who are over-weight.These kinds of desires can be fulfilled if a person is determined and he or she really wants achieve results ,but if there is a lack of determination then one cannot fulfil ones desire at any cost.
   I have seen many men and women trying to lose weight in many ways some starved,some worked out very hard, while others went under the knife.As far as my experience has been with regard to weight loss,is that I have lost a considerable amount of weight by sheer determination and extreme hard work.So,if you have a logical desire and you want to fulfil it then go ahead and work hard for it and there will be no reason that you will not achieve your wish or desire.
   Desires are a very sweet thing to have in person’s life.They give a person a goal to live for.These wishes can be be short-termed or long -termed,but whatever they are, every person has desires and every time a person is able to achieve what he wants in life he feels euphoric and extremely happy,if the desire was long-termed or very difficult to achieve and he had toiled very hard after which he finally achieved it.
  In a person’s life each and every desire has a strong meaning attached to it.When a person is poor and he had lived in abject poverty all through his childhood and he grows up and is able to achieve a lot of success and is able to fulfil all his long cherished dreams and desires,then it is this desire to make it big in his life that pushes him to achieve a lot in life.
  A desire can be detrimental to psychological growth of a person if it is illogical.Like if a woman deeply yearns for having gold jewellery, when she very well knows that she is not so well off such that she can afford such a luxury,but still despite being warned by all her close ones she cannot overcome this greed,then she can turn to illegal means to get the jewels.Therefore it is advised not to have illogical desires as they can not only harm you but they can harm the people around you as well.

  Of course when I talk of illogical desires,I will relate to you a very amusing yet shocking incident. I was surprised when I heard my friend telling me that her little son aged five had this deep desire to fly like Hanumanji(an Indian mythological god).The child not only wanted to fly but he also wanted to carry a mountain and fly!Just imagine when he actually tried to do so by trying to touch the ceiling of his home after climbing the staircase,naturally he had a nasty fall when he touched the ceiling and jumped down,as he thought that he would fly!
  Such accounts not only amuse you but they also shock you no end and you will be surprised that these desires are not only present in kids but many young boys and even men wanted to fly after watched Spiderman movies and Krissh!
 Henceforth my basic point in this blog is that if you have a desire which is logical,that is, that it is worth achieving and it can be achieved by ones own efforts,then you should put in all your effort to achieve it.But,if desires are illogical then the wisest option is forget about them as they can not only be harmful but they can also harm you irrevocably.



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