What does a person do when he or she is blamed for no real fault of theirs?It is the most frustrating feeling and it leaves a sense of disgust and extreme anger.At times a person is able to control oneself by trying to calm himself or herself down,by sheer will power,but at other times if this feeling of disgust is not given a vent and it accumulates inside a person’s heart,then that is when things become very dangerous for the person himself or herself and the people around him or her.

   It results in spurts of outbursts in form of angry retorts to situations where the person would have otherwise been calm,but because that accumulated disgust wants an outlet,it comes out in the form of angry remarks towards close ones and in this process not only is the person around him or her hurt, but the person himself or herself is also hurt,as he or she is getting angry for no apparent reason.

    Outbursts can also happen in the form of short periods of crying or indulging in self pity.But the most frustrating part is that when the person due to which this sense of feeling helpless and lots of anger, is not even aware that he or she has hurt another person.In clearer terms I want to say that if a person is unnecessarily blamed for no fault of his by any close one of his and he(that close one) has intentionally hurt that person,then the worse part is when the person who has hurt is not even aware that he has deliberately hurt his or her close one.The strong feeling of being ignored at a time when you are hurt by that person himself or herself is very saddening and frustrating.

   The only respite from saving oneself from any accumulation of the feeling of disgust is to talk out the feeling of helplessness to someone close or write it down in your personal diary or cry it out of your system.Accumulation of disgust and a feeling of helplessness always breeds a lot of ill feeling for the person and the people around him or her.In order to control it and not let it overpower the person,he or she should be patient and take the help of GOD to talk out oneself from the feeling of sadness and frustration.

   Outbursts of any kind are harmful not only for the person but, also the people around him and if the person is himself or herself not in control of himself or herself then it spells doom for all the people around him or her.The best way out is by practicing extreme self control and this would not only benefit him or her but also his immediate close ones.

   Why do these outbursts happen in the first place?Well the reason is very simple when in a given situation the person is not able to openly express his or her discomfort on a particular thing for which he is wrongly blamed,only then he hides this discomfort in his heart and then he or she gives a vent to his frustration in front of some else for no apparent reason.

  The result is disastrous and gives leaves a bad taste in the persons mind and heart.The best way to avoid such situations is by talking things with the person who has wrongly blamed you and reason out and explain that he or she was not wrong and he or she is wrongly blaming him or her.By doing so he wil save himself or herself from the overpowering feeling of disgust and helplessness and his near and dear ones will also be spared of any unnecessary outbursts of this person.

  Henceforth, self control,utmost belief in GOD and good communication skills and lots of patience can help a person at the time of crisis and save himself and his close ones from a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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