My Feelings

  My feelings are my most prized possessions as they are only mine and only I can understand them.I am at total peace with myself and my feelings towards the general atmosphere around me and my closest relations,that is my family,are very balanced.

  I have achieved this sense of peace after struggling with tremendous upheavals in my feelings towards my close ones and after a lot of speculation and cross questioning with myself.

   After all what are feelings?Are they your emotions towards what you are exposed to,or are they your immediate reaction to a certain situation.Feelings are reactions to any given situation, whether it is with a close one or the people you are associated with on a daily basis.I feel that they have waves in some form,sometimes they are on a high when you are extremely happy and at other times they are on a low ebb when you are feeling lonely and lost.

   How do they govern your life?Well feelings play a very significant aspect in your lives,they tell you exactly who you feel for and in other words,who do you care for in general,your near and dear ones and your friends.

  My feelings have had a very uneven pattern especially when I am faced with situations on which I have no control,especially those, where I am totally helpless and I cannot change the situation,no matter what.The only anchor of support I have in these trying times,is of GOD and he always helps me out and makes me balance out my thoughts and even out my feelings and that results in the present state of peace.

  One experiences this peace only when he or she does not have too many expectations from your own self.The best way to control yourself and balance out your emotions is to ask oneself as to what is it that you want from life and if,even after putting in all your efforts you are not able change certain situations according to your wish,then the best way out is to accept them as they are and wait till things change on their own,as some day they will change.Patience in close relations, always helps in the long run.

   Henceforth my feelings or for that matter anyones feelings are the ruling factor in a person’s life and they generally shape their life, as and how he or she is able to handle their emotions, according to situations.

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